Why foster?


Have you been wanting to foster but are worried about making the commitment? We want to show you all the reasons you should… ACat style! All cats and kittens in our “Why foster?” pics are ACats!



When you choose to foster, you are choosing to save a cat/kitten(s) who have been abandoned, mistreated, and/or abused. They will thrive in their foster home and learn to love again. They need you.



Us humans aren’t the only ones that get to have all the fun. Our pets love to help out too! Fostering is a family experience.



When you foster, you are saving a kitty’s life. Euthanasia lists are daily and its up to people like us to save these precious babies.



Fostering is a great way to do something for someone that can never repay you. It’s a feel good feeling that you made a difference not only to the life you saved but to the community.



Need a pick me up?? Try fostering! It is impossible to not laugh while watching kittens play.



 Fostering is an experience that your children can benefit from. It teaches compassion and responsibility.



 Your foster will be the star of your home! Dress them up because you are the paparazzi! Taking good photos and videos of your foster will help them find the perfect family.



Fostering can help you cope with the pain of loss. Kitties are therapeutic in nature. Their purr can soothe the soul and help take your worries away.



And you could always use an extra paw around the house…



When you are fostering for a group, you become part of a team. Team ACat is a very supportive, fun group. We rally, laugh, and save lives together.



We make fostering easier. We will provide training and show you the ropes of foster care. If you are local and would like to join Team ACat send us an email at avertingcatastrophe@gmail.com



This is the reason the majority of people that I talk to can’t foster. Yes it’s hard to say goodbye. Some more than others. Our team is on a constant “Love. Let go. Repeat.” The repeats are worth it.

“If you are brave enough to say Goodbye,
life will reward you with a Hello.”



And when you do find that special one, we understand.



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